ODST’s Octopus.com wordpress plugin tutorial

Step 1:  installing the plugin.
The first thing you’ll need to do is visit the Octopus.com wordpress plugin page here and click the download icon found at the bottom of the page, make sure you take note of the download location of the plugin.

Next log into your wordpress site and go to the plugin tab on the left side nav the press “add new” found at the top of the plugin’s page, from here you’ll need to select the “upload” option and from here you can use the chose file button to upload the plugin from its saved location and finally press the “install now” button.

The last thing you’ll need to do if activate the plugin which can be done from the install screen or if you chose you can do this later by going to the installed plugins page and clicking the active button found directly underneath the plugin.

Step 2: setting up the plugin.
To be able to use the plugin you’ll need to sign up to ODST as an affiliate which you can do here, you’ll also need you webgains affiliate ID and to make sure you’ve been approved for the Octopus.com affiliate programme.

Once you have all these details you’ll need to click on the ODST Octopus Tools button again found on the left hand nav of the wordpress site you’ve just installed the plugin to, click this and add your ODST username, ODST password and webgains affiliate ID.

You’ll also able to customise the colour of the content unit’s you’ll be adding to your site from this page, but don’t worry you can come back to this later, once you’ve added your details click the “save changes and update property list” button.

This may take a little while to as the plugin is now accessing Octopus.com’s feed and downloading it to your server ready for use.

Step 3: adding Octopus.com content to your site.
Adding content units to your site from Octopus.com’s plugin couldn’t be easy simple go to the post you’d like to add you’re affiliate links to or create a new page/post and use the ODST Octopus Tools widget or click on the hotel icon found just above the text editor.

ODST’s Octopus.com wordpress plugin allows you to Carousel banner or directories to you site in either a Branded design or styled by you, you can also manually select the country or city you’d like the hotels displayed in the content unit or you can chose the contextual option which will read the content of your page and find the most suited hotels for that page.

You can also add individual hotels to you site either by adding them to existing content or create a whole new page/post just for that hotel, all link and price added to your site by the plugin will be automatically update each night so you never need to worry about price or links being out of date.

The ODST Octopus.com wordpress plugin is free for affiliates to use and you keep 100% off your commission earned when using the plugin.


About rufusb

I started at AffiliateFuture in 2003 before helping to establish AffiliRed while getting them clients like barcelo.com at which point i setup and sold emarketingsolution before moving on to launching easyJet holidays affiliate programme, now i spend a lot on time on odst.co.uk and for fun play xbox.com where I’m known as rufusb (creative name i know)
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